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Enter Worker's Central Population Registration (CPR) card number which is the national ID card in Bahrain, This will show the legality of a foreign worker in Bahrain.

Enter the number of work visa issued by LMRA and appears on upper part of the visa. This will show the validity of a work visa issued by LMRA.

Employers can trace applications they submitted to LMRA to issue work visa. every application has a unique number.

Enter the number of passport and select the country. This will show the validity of a work visa issued by LMRA.

Foreign Worker Details

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Application Tracking & Status

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  • LMRA provides a dedicated portal includes detailed information about foreign workers and their dependents in Bahrain.
  • This information will be used to enhance our communication with you and update you immediately with any changes in your work visa status in Bahrain.
  • Privacy Statement: The LMRA keeps all data collected by this tool private and use it for its internal use only.
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