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How long would LMRA take to process and issue my work visa or my dependents visa? And what are the fees?

LMRA’s total processing time is between 1 and 10 business days (providing that all the submitted information and document was correct and clear and that the requirements were fulfilled at the time of submission.)

The fee for a work permit / visa is BD.200 and for a dependent / family visa is BD.90 per dependent.

Note that:-

  1. Employers will also pay a BD.10 monthly fee per expat employee.
  2. Visa fees are subject to change.
  3. Renewal fees are the same for both categories.
  4. The duration of the work visa is 24 months but the duration of the dependent’s visa will only be equal to the validity of the primary worker’s visa.

Example: If an employee (primary worker) has obtained a 24 months’ work visa, then after 2 months he/she applied for his/her family members and the application got approved, the family members would only be given 22 months visa validity (i.e. the same expiry date as the primary worker’s – even if it has less than 6 months of validity).
In case of employees who are due for renewal, the employer must first renew the primary worker’s visa before applying or renewing his family members’.

Last Update: Wednesday 17 February 2010